1. Certain information (including personal information) regarding the User can be obtained in the following ways:
    2. automatically, through cookies, device IDs, geo-location information, traffic to and from the Website, referring URL, ad data and other means;
    3. when a User completes forms on the Website or is contact by Skye, and the User is specifically required to disclose the User’s personal details including, but not limited to, the User’s name, surname, identity number, email address, residential address, postal address, cell phone number banking details and/or credit card number; or 
    4. through information that the User provides to Skye via third party services.
    5. The information referred to in clause 8.1 assists Skye in managing the Website, and providing functionality and service to, and entering into transactions with the User.
    6. By using the Website, the User consents to all such collection, processing or storage of the User’s personal information.
    7. The User consents to Skye retaining the user information, referred to in clause 8.1, for as long as such information is required by Skye for the purposes mentioned above.
    8. To the fullest extend allowed for by law, the User consents to Skye using the User’s personal information for marketing and/or promotion of Skye’s products that become available for sale from time to time.
    9. Skye may, as a result of a User’s electronic or other communication with it, send electronic messages or other marketing communication of a marketing, promotional or commercial nature to the User.  The User may at any time opt out of receiving such further communications.
    10. Skye may make use of a User’s personal information to compile profiles for statistical purposes and to use such profiles in the course of its business.  However, Skye undertakes not to allow these profiles and/or statistical data to be linked to a User’s profile and/or contact details by any third party.
    11. The User shall assist Skye to ensure that any and all data provided by the User is up-to-date and accurate.